Saturday, June 14, 2014

SaXXX Luvin Up One Of The Very Beautiful BabyGals She's had The Pleasuer of... The Lovely Ms. Kenya_Kisses

Way Before A lot of you though you knew all there was to know of me (SaXXX Bka SAXXXJUST4U Aka SASJ4U ) I had the pleasure of Licking some of the Best! The Sweeties, The Very Beautiful and Very Hot @Kenya_Kisses! Omg! Guess This Chick had me running home to my guy saying we got to have her Baby! I had a Mad Crush On this Wonderfully Lovely Right Here! So I hope you enjoy this Freebie Clip from Everyone's Favorite  Gal Pal SaXXX!
Hey SaXXX usto get it in with all the Best So Watch The Clip and See just what Im talking about, she's in the very beginning ok in the pink! Ya'll Nijas better be glad Im a Woman! LMFAO! Oh and Yeah I still Get it in, you just don't know about it till Im ready to Show and Tell! Cause I Run Me! Remember That!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Reality Weekly Blog Update SaXXX At Home With My Daughter In DC/MD Keeping 100

Okay SaXXXNATION!This is as Real as My ole Ass Can Get! I try to always tell it like it is but it just seems some of you wanna think of me as what ever that is so far from who and what I truly am. So this is just for the realist at heart about me (SaXXX) Ms. Tia Jackson if you Really Into Me!
My Daughter Cooked From Scratch a 7 up Cake Thats mm mm Good!
I love being a Grandma, a Mother I am 46 soon to be 47 , I am strong, and I stand up for my self , to anyone, I have never been afraid of being who I am, and This is just an inside look at me being Just who I am, and Not what you nor the world wants me to be. 
Ribs that make you wanna suck it down to the bone!
Even though im sexy, Sex is not my whole life nor world, It is just a means of expression, away for me to make ends meet, and most of all something I enjoy doing and sharing from time to time with you my fans, as well as other things I maybe up to that is if you as my True Fans, Friends, others care to indulge in! This Blog is a little of all of me! Shit This Is My Blog!? Isn't It!???? Well Okay Then!

My Beautiful 29 yr old Daughter in the Long Red and White Dress, who cooked Sunday dinner!
 And if you don't like me! Get the Fuck off my Blog Spot! LMFAO! Now with all That Said Enjoy The Very Real Me Enjoying Home Life!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

He Fuck The Hell Out Of Me!

People I have been up to a lot of things privately, but Imma just post this and shut up! Enjoy Cause This Is Hot! 



Sunday, May 25, 2014

Look At What SaXXX Has Been Working On

Hi there #SaXXXNATION!
                I have been working hard at posting and editing, you know trying to teach myself a few new tricks, giggle! One of the things I'm working on is creating my very own DVD's.


 Learning the laws and packaging, bla bla bla, stuff of it all. So here's just a a bit of tease just to let you know I have not fallen off! Enjoy and remember ..... 
                                                            Have a SAXXX FILLED Day!


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

SaXXX's Scorpio horoscope for Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Today This so rings true for me and for everyday really this how I have felt and see thing Mr. Scope you dead on, because if as a friend, fan, biz, and or what ever you can't stand me at my worst, then I don't need you when I'm at my Best! Nope Not At All.........     Person or Persons Be Gone From Me!

Scorpio horoscope for Tuesday, May 13, 2014: It's time to reexamine your relationships now that the evocative Moon is visiting

Who The Fuck Need People that only want to use you or be around you in only good times!!!
Cause I stay at my Worst most time just so I can weed the week Muther Fuckers Out!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Get It While It's Hot! It's SaXXX News.... and You Know That's GOOD NEWS!

Hey There SAXXXNATION and All Those New To Me! How The Heck Are You All? I hope well! Well first of all  just so you know My Nick Name/Professional name Is SaXXX  Bka SaXXXJUST4U and It has been that now for like over 23 years or so. It was Given To me By the Original SaXXX and Exotic Dancer for the Adult Club Called Flash Dancers in Orlando Florida and many moons ago. But That's another story I'll blog on one day soon.

                                          So now that I have told you who I am, let me tell you that I am so happy that you have decided to check out my little blog and things I have going on here. Hey I'm just trying to do my own little thing and have fun will being productive in what it is that I do. And what is it that I do you say? Well I do Everything Erotic, Exciting, Adult, and Sexy! No Matter What It is If it's Sexy or Erotic Imma try and bring it to you here own my little blog.

So now here I'm trying to dabble, experiment with the news a little, but it's news my way! And so I give to you my fans SaXXX NEWS The First of Many Editions to follow as I learn as I go and I'm hoping that you my fans and friends will follow along in all my fun and sexy endeavours! So I do hope you ENJOY!

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