Sunday, April 20, 2014

SAXXXNATION Let The Games Begin, Be The First To Name Who? What? or When? For Prizes!

Okay SaXXXNATION I Got a Game I'm going to start playing with Cha! and It Goes Like this I'm going to put up a picture and you are to guess who? what? or when okay! And u just might win Exclusives Prizes from your One and Only! So Stay Tuned, MUAW! — feeling happy at SaXXX Ask Guess Who? Coming Soon....... Okay SaXXXNATION Here Is You First Try At This Guess WHO, WHAT, Or Where? Game Okay! #1 Clue! >> Be the First To Name The Person In this Picture >>>>
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Monday, January 20, 2014

This One is On Me, Thanks For Being My True Fans and Friends Dedicated to RM!

Hi there My True Fans and Friends! How u b? Ok Ok ok, Check this There are a many of us ladies showing our asses, but there is none quite as unique as me (SaXXX)! I have been around in one way Or another for over 24 years or so and I'm 46 now. I love enjoying myself and living life to it's fullest, but due to some situations, I, am not as out going when it comes to my heart, personally, but PAY ME and put me in front of a camera  and  I can bring down  The House or even a Nation, I can bring the party people to the Dance floor and I can rock the Fuck Out of Your WORLD if you dare to Let Me! sweet Giggle....

Now with me saying all this is just to say stay tuned to me, because through out the years of me teaming with this one and with that one, I have learned quit a lot! One things for certain, everything you see of me from now on, unless u see someone try to capitalize on some hidden shit they  may been saving of me, yep there might just  be one or two , but It will be nothing compared to what (I) SaXXX Myself, have been Blessed To Learn....  and That is, To Do For Self and Trust No One!

Hey it wasn't necessarily them, but more like me! I have had a very rough life and in my means to escape all the bad up bringing at times, I ran and in my running I fled into most who wanted to do me no good , but a beautiful child , young lady and now women I am, well you no others while always have there own motives to why they used and /or abused me so, and because of this I have and will never Trust Man nor Women! So my rise has and was destined to be stunted! But Not My Love of Myself and My Determination to do just what the fuck I want, and whats best for me and mine!

Everybody not just you and you, even when I was growing up even my mom has always tried to figure out how best to '' Use Me".... So you are not new to me, I been in training for Hardship since birth! But still I had no fucking Ideal it was so fucking cruel in this world, but guess what with all that I, life and others have done to stop me, to slow me, to hurt and take from me, I still have Drive, Motivation and a Heart of gold, Just now I keep it to myself, and in reserve, cause one never knows when they will have to Dig Deep! 

And so With this I am Happy To Welcome a New Fucking Year, The Same Me But With UpGrade Muther Fuckers..................

and To all My True Fans and Friends, because yes I still do believe I have some, few but they True Blue, I say Thank you so Much for being there for me and also for being here for me in the NOW, and The PRESENT and I Pray To GOD Our Father In The Future, You and Me Working Hard to Always Work Hard at Bettering Our self First In what ever We Choose To Do and Or Become....... Then Take The Positives and Give, Bring Back To The World Of Those That Just  May be  Waiting On Us, To Here, To Listen To Just What It Is We have To Say, To Give, To Be!

We are You Are Meaningful and Worth It To Me and To So many others Just Like Me and You, never Give Up! Do YOU Always if your not hurting anyone and know That I am Cheering for you..... Just as You Have Done For Me!       everyone favorite Gal Pal and Milf/Gilf SaXXX, You Know There Is No Other That Can Come Close To and Or Compare to Me, My Craziness nor my Luv for U! My True Fans and Friends. If I Had A Million I would defiantly Share it with the likes of You, just because I could!
PS As I study this editing and filming and so on, I think of you and how much I have gained and overcome and still I have more, but I am Thankful to my Supporters and Fans! Ur #1 In My Book! well and my Baby Girls and Jesus that love me inspite of ........

Sincerely SaXXX
 Enjoy The Freebie it's On Me......

 Dedicated To My Lover and Friend RM! I will Miss  and Care About You Always.......... video

 Yes SaXXX is Fucked Up Beyound Repair, But I like It! Fuck the Normal People Get Like Me!
Just Cause I know Your Watching.......

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sexy Ass SaXXX Move Her Hips Just 4 U Her True Fans In 2014

Just 4 U, Her Many VIP's Fans and Friends........ All I Want You To Do Is Enjoy!


SaXXX all Naked and Oiled Up At One Of Her Many Photo Shoots

I figure while I can't do as much waiting for surgery. I might as well get this editing, posting and uploading done I have tons of footage from over the years, I mean as much as I can. I know people why I never post it all well lets just say I have so many other things going on at one time. But hey this is why I work for self, I do things when I can. Oh and guess what It works out just fine for me. So
Here is some great footage of one of my many shoots I mean I shot for hours and this is just tease. The rest you will find at my Store on


I hope You will enjoy!
Everyone Favorite Sexy Milf/Gilf and Gal Pal SaXXX!
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Friday, December 27, 2013

SaXXXJUST4U Crazy Ass Adventures and All....: SaXXX's Weekly Tour Schedule! Just 4 U....


Weekly Tour Schedule! Just 4 U....:

 People I do an awful lot of traveling, like I'm never in one city more then a week and then I'm  off again to other adventures! Plus..

Just A little Preview.....

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Just Another Fun Day Out In NYC with SaXXX @FoxyFitness and Pole Training Studio's

OMG I was out yesterday in the city and Happen apon this place, I got all excited, so I had to check it out!

SaXXX aka SaXXXJUST4U Visits  FoxyFitness n... by Sj_Foru

Hey If You Wanna See Me There Guys Let Me Know..... Sweet Giggle! I'm hoping to take a class or two, or this would be most certainly a Great 46th Birthday Gift! Guys? I'll even see if I can Video It JUST4U My fans! Plus just I wanna see if I can still get my Phat Ass up on a REAL POLE Again! LMFAO! Sht I usto do the dam thing back in My Days LOL! Hey @DannyBlaqVideos! I know You got those pix of me on a pole at the avn hanging upside down! Post them!