Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Moment Of Deepness, My Fans And Friends (Insert From My FB past Post)

Sometimes I wonder if people ever wonder?
A couple of days ago, on my private post I read a post and It brought me to tears, cause I don't know if my fans and or if my fans even care. (since most people that think of me just think of me in sexual terms, lol! and that's okay cause mostly that's what I been putting out here in the Universe) But I am a very complex being with very deep emotions and feelings.

 Anyways I shared the post on my timeline and wrote a comment, never looking back at it till this morning and thought Wow! Imma share this on my blog spot, I wonder how my fans and friends will take it and or do they even know just how deep I go at times, that I'm just not this crazy lady out here fucking and showing my ass to the world without thought and a cause. Even though some would say it's still not a good enough cause if you say you love God! You should sit and wait on HIM to give and answer to you. But people that simple is just not how it works, I only wish that it worked like that, boy do I wish It worked like that! And it's not to say I regret any of what I've done and or OMG SaXXX is turning into one of those! I'm still the same as I ever been, but a lot of you just don't know I am and have been so much more then what you have seen and thought up of me. So anyways here is the post Imma share it as it was copied okay?
Please enjoy the read, cause I just laugh when I get these people that write me telling me "Dam why you write so much'' or ''Thats to much to read'' ! Im like what the hell is wrong with short minded people?

Wow# am I ‪#‎nsyc‬! I just posted on my ig. How I weekly get my ass in gear to do any and all that I must, to ensure that me and mine survived, and still do even in my pain! Even when others have seemed to block my every progress with what they wanted of me, not taken Seriously what it was I was saying I WANTED FOR ME! I just keep pushing, I will my self, mind, body and soul to never give up or in! The Devil and the people he go through to use against me, are a LIE! I'm Older and Wiser then I was at one time, and daily I pray, yep even me! I PRAY! To continue doing what I must, and what I want, and also that THE GOD THAT KNOWS MY WHYs, will gently handle my Sins! Cover me in His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND GRACE! Until the paths of life that I was Grated lines up with what I And He knows this ROAD Will indeed one day lead me. People I believe and love my Lord, and I have know right from wrong, but I as a mother and a woman will never as long as I have breath let go of fighting to do whatever it takes for me and mine! You dont know my life nor reasons for why I am and or do what I do, but I know HE knows, and He has placed His grace all around me, even when the church kicked me out at 15 pregnant from an assault! HE kept me! Homeless normous times with not one family member or friend to come to me and my little daughter rescue, you ppl don't know me! But yet here I stand, barely and Boldly! I will never give, nope not until it's My ONE AND ONLY FATHER THAT IS IN HEAVEN AND IN MY HEART AND SOUL, THAT GIVES ME DAILY STRENGHT TO FIGHT AND PRESS ON, COMES TO GET ME! Man had there chance to show me true real unconditional love, but abused that right with me for all the rest of my days I live, I will never Place my trust in them (ppl) EVER AGAIN! I'm holding out until I close me eyes in death to open them to JESUS! Who TRULY KNOWS MY WHYS AND LOVED ME UNCONDITIONALLY AND IN SPITE OF WHO EVERYONE ELSE FAILS TO SEE TRULY I WAS HERE ON EARTH!

When you have a warrior mentality, an attitude of faith, knowing that you’ve been equipped and empowered, all the forces of darkness cannot stop you.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Hi there To My #SASJ4U #Vip$ and Guy Friends All Over The World! Huggs and Kisses!

Hey I decided to make my blog a little more busy, I would also post what I post on FB here to my very own BlogSpot!
Because I have a lot of fans that don't do Face Book and well I just want to try a little harder at keeping you up on what I'm up to! Giggle! Hey I'm very sporadic with my shit, its all happens according to how I feel! And See When Your a Free spirit like me, I don't adhere to NOBODIES Programs and Or This is How It Should Be Done Type shit! People I am me! Plain and Simple, ( So My Fans Get Who I Truly Am, Im Just a A Smart but very down to earth women making it out here on her own her way and not trying to Prove herself to anyone) I'm just that around the way ( Dam Near 50 Year Old Chick)  Enjoying Creating and doing shit online and in what little life I have left in me that people haven't already taken advantage of, used and taken from me) I'm not a Pro and neither am I aspiring to be all that! I just want to enjoy having fun while making money doing so, and when It gets to routine for me, I get Bored and Lose Interest very easily, so to those of you that look at my shit and say in your heads , see if she did it this way or that ways and or would listen to me and or try to school me, STOP! Find Someone else That Wants It your Way! For Me I LOVE How and What I Do MY WAY! and Guess What, I'm Doing Just Fine with out The Programs You Have Devised For My Life and Others! I'm not Out here To become famous I am Famous In my Own Right and If I'm never Rich, I'm fine with that, Because I am Happy Just Doing and Being Me!....... Get It! I love my Wacky Self! and so do My Fans! MUAW!

 and so here's today's FB Post! with out all those dam likes and the pressure of making comments etc. When you just want to have more SAXXX!
My Guys #SASJ4U #VIP$ I decided to spend some time chilling and revamping my studio in The NYC/NJ Area, So if you hoping to get at me remember I love Red Wines, Flowers, Music, Inscents and Essentials oils as house gifts. So get at me I'll be here putting around my studio, doing me and enjoying my Beautiful life as a Freedom Fighter, doing things just as I SaXXX A Queen wants to do! That's what makes me such a Gem! I'm just doing and being myself and loving every moment of it! Go to for Details, Dates, Xblogging, the latest on what I see happening in the ever so unpredictable escort world and Booking Me to host your next great party! One on one or otherwise, but remember I only deal with gentlemen, Not THUGS! So Come Correct When Calling and Or Contacting Me, Speak wrong and I will give you a Dial Tone!Im not affraid to lose a little from losers and make time for Dignified Men of Cla$$! Nope Im not one of those you Can Talk to any kind of way because your promising me donations! I turn down Ass Holes Too! Respect My Way of Life and just maybe I will Grace you with My Presence once you proved to me your worth my company! ( I have Dealt with a Many Unbelievable People, that think because they donating they can do and say what they want to me and well I wish you could ask them the outcome) LMFAO! So Think of Your Sister, and or Cool as Gal Pal when Booking with me, Be Polite and a Gentleman, or Find some one else PLEASE! I been in this to long to take anyones shit! and Im Not Desperate! 
Oh hey!  You can also Twet me at @SeXyAssSaXXX on Twitter or if you can''t get to me for some Sexy Adult Fun! Call Me Now Let's Have Some Frisky Fun!
feeling chill.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I'm Loving Feeling As I Am, SaXXX Bka SaXXXJUST4U aka SASJ4U

And this is where I'm at in life Today!
and I'm Loving feeling as I am. I am so at peace, with everything and everyone. I know now how to let it all just go by and enjoy whatever it is that I am doing, at not be in such a twist about to much of anything anymore. This is a wonderful journey I'm now seeing it this way, in the end I dye and life here goes on. I don't worry about why I'm not this or that or why I don't have this or that anymore, I am happy to be able to take a walk today! To see the birds and trees, to talk on the phone with my grand babies, to simply roll over in my comfy bed! I thank you God For bring me to this point in my life. I know a lot of you won't understand it, but I pray one day you will, be happy you have a life, for better or for worst. You are here! I know you want better, we all do, and I'm sure working hard towards what ever goal you have keeps you going and you may think without it you would just dye. But believe me once you have and or have not, Life still goes on! Good or Bad Life goes on, enjoy each day and moment, cause one day your life will be no more! and then what? Nothing! So while your here good or bad try hard to see that you have life! and That Is the Most AMAZING THING! That's My Big Bang Thought I had this morning! I am here, Wow! I love you God! Thank You Jesus for allowing me to have this experiences, I could have born a ROCK! Giggle!

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Just a Little Something To Turn You On To Some Good SaXXX! Bka SAXXXJUST4U #SASJ4U

video ENJOY!


Saturday, June 14, 2014

SaXXX Luvin Up One Of The Very Beautiful BabyGals She's had The Pleasuer of... The Lovely Ms. Kenya_Kisses

Way Before A lot of you though you knew all there was to know of me (SaXXX Bka SAXXXJUST4U Aka SASJ4U ) I had the pleasure of Licking some of the Best! The Sweeties, The Very Beautiful and Very Hot @Kenya_Kisses! Omg! Guess This Chick had me running home to my guy saying we got to have her Baby! I had a Mad Crush On this Wonderfully Lovely Right Here! So I hope you enjoy this Freebie Clip from Everyone's Favorite  Gal Pal SaXXX!
Hey SaXXX usto get it in with all the Best So Watch The Clip and See just what Im talking about, she's in the very beginning ok in the pink! Ya'll Nijas better be glad Im a Woman! LMFAO! Oh and Yeah I still Get it in, you just don't know about it till Im ready to Show and Tell! Cause I Run Me! Remember That!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Reality Weekly Blog Update SaXXX At Home With My Daughter In DC/MD Keeping 100

Okay SaXXXNATION!This is as Real as My ole Ass Can Get! I try to always tell it like it is but it just seems some of you wanna think of me as what ever that is so far from who and what I truly am. So this is just for the realist at heart about me (SaXXX) Ms. Tia Jackson if you Really Into Me!
My Daughter Cooked From Scratch a 7 up Cake Thats mm mm Good!
I love being a Grandma, a Mother I am 46 soon to be 47 , I am strong, and I stand up for my self , to anyone, I have never been afraid of being who I am, and This is just an inside look at me being Just who I am, and Not what you nor the world wants me to be. 
Ribs that make you wanna suck it down to the bone!
Even though im sexy, Sex is not my whole life nor world, It is just a means of expression, away for me to make ends meet, and most of all something I enjoy doing and sharing from time to time with you my fans, as well as other things I maybe up to that is if you as my True Fans, Friends, others care to indulge in! This Blog is a little of all of me! Shit This Is My Blog!? Isn't It!???? Well Okay Then!

My Beautiful 29 yr old Daughter in the Long Red and White Dress, who cooked Sunday dinner!
 And if you don't like me! Get the Fuck off my Blog Spot! LMFAO! Now with all That Said Enjoy The Very Real Me Enjoying Home Life!