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#SaXXX Has Never Been Good With Silly Small Talks!

I know that I seem as if I'm no fun at all, But once reaching the level I am at .... Well Let Me Give You an Im meaning! Just now as I was trying to get my work done I got a Beep from  My #FaceBook Profile, That Dam Messenger I Hate It! Never #Download That Shit! It collects your contacts! Anyways .... This is What Happen and This is How I Truly Feel When It Happens:
Fine Example of What

20 hours ago
(Guy)Thanks for the follow back nice to meet you and happy new year
about an hour ago
(SaXXX) Ur welcome babe! Just set me to Private please so im seen only by you on your profile page, Im an #ESCORT and don't need all the drama
29 minutes ago


(Guy) Where r u from
profile page tells ya, but mainly Florida

(Guy) Ok I'm down here in Fort Lauderdale where r u

(SAXXX) ok babe whats up
did u ask to be apart of My ESCORT Profile to Book or you just saw my profile and want in ? I looked and #READ over your profile but it seems guys never do the same to mine, because if so they would see, I don't do that chat back and forth unless its money being made, I really am not trying to be mean, but Im settled and I have no other needs then that

(Guy) Ok sorry

(SaXXX) I am sorry if this offends but , just as ur attempting to chat I am in my studio's editing and posting to my many site and your asking question that if ppl take time and READ my Profiles, Scroll and research and find things out for them self ! And then maybe it would BLOW my mind when you do get me on chat that you could amaze me with how well you know things about me so I don't have to feel like a high schooler going back and forth answering small Q and A's
Don't be sorry Im just not that type of 48 yr old women, I don't really chat, nor am I looking for anyone.
(SaXXX) I understand I just wish more guys knew that all ladies aren't the same and take time to look and read over profiles of of ppl they are trying to get at! But thanks baby!
(SaXXX) So Your not looking for escort Services? is that what your saying? Cause if not then ...

(The Guy)No sweetheart just wanted to get to no u better that's all

Guys Im Sorry That I Am About My Biz More Then Trying To Get To Know You More! Every Few Weeks I have to REMIND Guys! #Whores Are Not Looking For Chat's, Walks, Holding Hands, and all that kind of stuff!
I know who I am and Im Not INTO ALL That TYPE #Chatting About BULLSHIT for hours and Nothing! I'm just NOT That Lonely! Or Am I Interested In Most Every Day Bull! When I wanna Chat I call My Close #Friends NOT Total #Strangers! It's just not how I do things! 
And If Your thinking "Oh wow, she may find a good man or another friend by being more chat like") Um People Dont you Think I Got That In #ABUNDANCE ALREADY! Giggle! 
Hey Im just Saying, Really?!
My #Profile #Headers and #Banners Says It All For Me and Yet, Here Ya'll Go Trying to Swoon SaXXX! Na Dudes! 
But You Can #Book #SAXXX and That Way We Both Win! You Can Chat All You Want After You #Donate Those Funds! http://www.niteflirt.com/MsSaXXX
 Shit It's a Win Win, you can ask me all those #question that seems to be so very important to you, and I Can #Pay My #Bills! 

LMFAO!!!      I'm Not Mean But It's Just so #Boring and #Annoying to me ....

Hey #SAXXXNATION (Youngins) Here's a Few Things You Should Know About SaXXX Part 1

Hey I know a lot of you think of me as A Young Super Freak That's Bitchy and Dam Good at What It Is I Do! 

I thank You All So Very Much For Believing most of that about me! But really Im Not YOUNG, I'm a Very Mature 48 year old That Look and Feel like Im 23, Lol! although I look it and so many of you love to say Age ain't nothing but a Number! For me that saying does not fit! I believe in old School Terms, and I want the Respect that a person should receive after being in this world for some time, enduring somethings others may have never. With that being said I know I look great and I look as if I can drop it like it's #hot and I can. But I prefer not for a number of reasons people, ( Youngins ) LMFAO! That Contact me for #services! Yep I'm always being straight up and #honest! You see those Porn #Video's you be watching that look like a #Bitch back being broken and or a women is being #RAPED! (I Absolutely Hate Those Type Films) I'll talk about that another time though! SaXXX IS SO NOT WITH IT! Infact I Suffer from #PTSD and one time this dude called himself being #rough with me and #slapped my as while we where doing it doggy style and I turn around so fast and punch the #fuck outta him all the while forgetting the fact that I almost ripped his #dick off with my #tight #ass #pussy! ( LMFAO! No LYE) So Guys, Young Guys Especially, Ya'll get so happy and excited to be getting some MILF/GILF Pussy let alone that I even answered you, sometimes ya'll get #FILMING/#Escorting mixed up with you can do all that you want when your busy #FANTASIZING!
Well guys sorry I'm not a Fantasy I am Very Real and Some of that shit Ya'll do can hurt if not down right, That is why PORNSTARS are who they are. They are very special people with great talents and they get paid well for turning you guys on like that!
I am NOT A# PornStar, I Just do filming of my #sex-capades! I am an #PAID #ESCORT and Adult Entertainer!
I know I hate to dampen your dreams too, but I am none for being REAL! I know no other way people! But even when I was a young chick, I never liked being man handled, I love Sensual, love making, Passionate fucking! Not that shit that looks like Black on Black Crimes! I just don't see , or want to see my beautiful brothers or sista's in such a light!
I wanna see us making Passionate Exciting Love to each other, Long, Slow Deep, Strokes, back rubs and Kissing type shit! He it's my Preference! Shit I'm so serious about how I feel til it's one of my biggest reason I refuse to film with some company's or guy's that contact me! I'm just not with that look!
So Thank you So Very Much For Your Adoration and believe, I know you don't really mean any harm, it's just the way the biz has you guys thinking that that type of madness is accepted by all us females! Remember us females are not all the same! I don't know how many times I have to remind and or bench press and Nija Off me because he loses his dam mind and start going in as if he's a DEMON!
I mean I can get fucked good with out it leaving me bent over with cramps and you strutting around as if you just put me in my place! Giggle! All that does for me is shows me how much you don't care for a women Precious body, that should be very well taken care of.
Guy's sometimes you should look up the tragedies of what that type shit has done to many Ex Stars and etc. Google it Seriously! Im just saying stay informed! I know it's not as fun, right!

Also some of you younger guys and your maturity is not mature enough for me! I mean I just can't deal with the disrespect, the language, etc. So I kinda stay away from dealing with any guy younger then 29 and under! I am sorry but, I find it's best for me!
But I thank you guys I really do, for the love you have for me! And some in the biz will say Im like killing my fans base and income some what by stating this, but I don't think so at all, some of these guys are smart enough to know once they speak with me and or connect with me, They began to chill and I have allowed a few in! But I have to make this statement in General because Im getting so many coming at me and Im shocked, and tickled pink, but I just respect myself and them so much til being HONEST with the Masses I feel I Must!

Friday, December 26, 2014

What The Hell is #SaXXX Bka #SAXXXJUST4U Aka SEXYASSSAXX aka #SASJ4U Doing?

People I am in such a great and wonderful place right now, but also kinda like finding my place in the world of me,

if you can understand what I'm saying. It's like I have done so many different thinks in my life time and a lot was

done without me having a family of my own. but now I'm face with having a small close family now, my little grands

mean everything to me, but the fact is that they are not my children, they are my daughters. So I don't have the

responsibilities as maybe I'd like or wish it would be like. I had thought that at one point I would stop all my

adult adventures just so I could be there full time for my daughter and her kids, but as we grow closer, I'm

finding my daughter is doing just fine and that I'm not as needed as I would have like. Nothing bad but just that

even though I did not fully raise my daughter and I saw things in her I thought was going to hinder her at a time,

she has shown me that she has grown out of those things and is well on her way being a very strong, independent

well caring mother and daughter who can definitely hold shit down! So I'm now trying to figure out now "What The

Hell Does" Momma, Grand ma, SaXXX Do now with herself? I'm Free to go, To Find love maybe, to travel, shit to go

get a 9-5 as long as my back holds up ( Gotta get one that has the best benefits, giggle right) Cause the Gov show

ain't trying to give help to anyone anymore, shit why ya'll think SaXXX Hustle Hard , giggle! So I'm on a venture

now I'm trying to find what else I want to do and what would keep my interest, cause I get bored with things

quickly, like when I started doing this little adult stuff it was a fluke, DB found me on a ad site and ask if I'd

be interested in filming and so being just breaking up with my longtime love, I went in Head deep, at first it was

fun and then ..... oh boy the Craziness of it all, the way the guys and companies call and the Jalousies and Drama!

The Gossip, the pimp like mfer out in the industry that try everything in the book to use you for what ever and all

the way up, then get mad at you if you even try to have your own voice in what it is that your hard working ,

pussy, face, name created and or has a part of. Oh my Goodness, boy did I learn a lot and very
quickly and most not

good! But I'm not totally dismayed with the industry, cause I had fun and I also learn a lot of good stuff! I want

to do more in the adult industry, but I know definitely with my mental illness and very strong Black Women Power

way of thinking, i have to do it all on my own. People don't understand me, I been through to many things before

all this to bow, to that type chick that's looking adorably in some Nijas eye like a naive baby girl. Seriously me

and my old as pussy been through to many beat down together to be submissive to any man or even women to speak! And

then all that and Muther fuckers not willing to pay and wanting every scene or gig, to be (Free! On the House, Do

it cause we friends? and or cause They did this or that they felt for you , or to help you) I am so Fucking Over

ALL THAT TYPE BULL SHIT! For real! Plus to think, Fucking is not all I do good and shit at least get paid, and

played! So I'm searching myself people that's why you haven't heard or seen anything from me other then my Escort

Stuff. I'm just not sure what to do with myself, giggle! and it's funny because all my life I, since having my three

girls my whole "me against the world thing" was because I had my little baby girls needing momma! And now the Big

girls and no longer need momma as much anymore, and That's such a Blessing Right? So now What does SaXXX do with Her

Cute Self! I mean out side of REBUILDING MY SITES and Things! That site is a whole norther something I'm going to

blog on one day soon, LMFAO! I'm happy for it , but me learning it codes has been a task, giggle! Cause It

Definitely has to be Revamped! I know People! Just SaXXX Has Had so many other things going on

Friday, November 28, 2014

#SASJ4U Aka SaXXX About My Facebook Profile, People!

I want to Remind and Let Those New To Me Trying To Become A part Of my Escort Profile! I love and Adore That You Love and Adore Me ( SaXXX ) and Want To Be Connected With All Of You, But Because Of People Fucking Up my Fan Profile I Made A Decision To Not Allow Just Anyone Onto This Profile! (Sorry) This Profile Is For My VIP's People I Really Do Have A Connection With! I'm Not A Chatter, Nor Do I sit around and BS all Day On ‪#‎FB‬, My Profile Here Is For Connect and Staying In touch With Those That Truly Do Support Me People, No Offence To Any Of My Fans! But Im Sure Most Of You Do Not Want To Be Seen On An ESCORTS Profile Do You! And I don't Need the Hassle Of Your Girlfriends, Wives, Gal Pal Or Other Escort, Becoming Jealous, Mad, or otherwise and Fucking up My Profile Just Because! ( Because I have Had That Happen Already Before) SMDH! Dumb Asses! I say That Because Some Men Are Going To Do What They Want REGARDLESS Of YOU and Or A VOW! That's Just How They Are ( Some of Them) Not All! Anyways, So Thanks For Wanting to be a Part Of My Profile But If Your Not In The Biz For An Escort, Then This Profile Is Not For You!!! But Hey You Can Join My Instagram At SJ4U2011 Okay?  See You There! Muaw! Thanks and Stay Blessed! Understand Im Just Trying To Keep My Profile From Haters and Being Deleted! Thank You Very Much! Peace!

I am cleaning my PRIVATE PROFILE for the next few weeks. WHY Cause if I can see when you post that others are posting and replying to what I and you post then that means You did not understand my Profile in the First Place and or just don't give a Fuck about what I'm about, and think what I say is a Joke and just want to be able to talk shit , dirt and or cause problems for me and yourself that is so not needed, in my world right now. I am very Thankful to those of you who just want to be my fan , but right now I am about my adult biz, and as I have already shown I have already begun shutting certain area's of my biz and life down and don't mind doing the same here. I am very tired of the BS from immature individuals that just want to be on peps profile for the hell of it, not having anything in common with what is going on and or the person they ask to befriend in the first place. So as to not cause drama, either I will be Cleaning, un friending and or banding those that I have seen are in my best interested. Hey sorry it is what it is, if your here for pictures, and a laugh, then your on the wrong profile! This once again is a MODEL ESCORT PROFILE! Not for your wives, lil girlfriends, and or Family members........ this is for VIP's
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  • Sj Foru I really do Love All My Fans , But You Guys Know That There Are Some Out Here That Are Just Out Here Trying To Destroy and Tear Down Others No Matter What! And Im Just Trying To Keep Clear Of Those Type People From Now On. Having My Profile As It Is Has Been Less Stressful, I have Not Been Annoyed By Foolishness In My Inbox and or in My Comments! This Page Has Been Drama Free and Im Better Enjoying My Few Very Close Friends and #SASJ4U VIP$. But Hey I'm Told That People Can Still Follow.... See some things I say and do are not for every one's eyes! But For My #SASJ4U VIP$ Only! and They are truly who matter the most to me, Cause they Truly Help make my Life Better In So Many Ways.......
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Sunday, September 7, 2014

A Moment Of Deepness, My Fans And Friends (Insert From My FB past Post)

Sometimes I wonder if people ever wonder?
A couple of days ago, on my private post I read a post and It brought me to tears, cause I don't know if my fans and or if my fans even care. (since most people that think of me just think of me in sexual terms, lol! and that's okay cause mostly that's what I been putting out here in the Universe) But I am a very complex being with very deep emotions and feelings.

 Anyways I shared the post on my timeline and wrote a comment, never looking back at it till this morning and thought Wow! Imma share this on my blog spot, I wonder how my fans and friends will take it and or do they even know just how deep I go at times, that I'm just not this crazy lady out here fucking and showing my ass to the world without thought and a cause. Even though some would say it's still not a good enough cause if you say you love God! You should sit and wait on HIM to give and answer to you. But people that simple is just not how it works, I only wish that it worked like that, boy do I wish It worked like that! And it's not to say I regret any of what I've done and or OMG SaXXX is turning into one of those! I'm still the same as I ever been, but a lot of you just don't know I am and have been so much more then what you have seen and thought up of me. So anyways here is the post Imma share it as it was copied okay?
Please enjoy the read, cause I just laugh when I get these people that write me telling me "Dam why you write so much'' or ''Thats to much to read'' ! Im like what the hell is wrong with short minded people?

Wow# am I ‪#‎nsyc‬! I just posted on my ig. How I weekly get my ass in gear to do any and all that I must, to ensure that me and mine survived, and still do even in my pain! Even when others have seemed to block my every progress with what they wanted of me, not taken Seriously what it was I was saying I WANTED FOR ME! I just keep pushing, I will my self, mind, body and soul to never give up or in! The Devil and the people he go through to use against me, are a LIE! I'm Older and Wiser then I was at one time, and daily I pray, yep even me! I PRAY! To continue doing what I must, and what I want, and also that THE GOD THAT KNOWS MY WHYs, will gently handle my Sins! Cover me in His UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND GRACE! Until the paths of life that I was Grated lines up with what I And He knows this ROAD Will indeed one day lead me. People I believe and love my Lord, and I have know right from wrong, but I as a mother and a woman will never as long as I have breath let go of fighting to do whatever it takes for me and mine! You dont know my life nor reasons for why I am and or do what I do, but I know HE knows, and He has placed His grace all around me, even when the church kicked me out at 15 pregnant from an assault! HE kept me! Homeless normous times with not one family member or friend to come to me and my little daughter rescue, you ppl don't know me! But yet here I stand, barely and Boldly! I will never give, nope not until it's My ONE AND ONLY FATHER THAT IS IN HEAVEN AND IN MY HEART AND SOUL, THAT GIVES ME DAILY STRENGHT TO FIGHT AND PRESS ON, COMES TO GET ME! Man had there chance to show me true real unconditional love, but abused that right with me for all the rest of my days I live, I will never Place my trust in them (ppl) EVER AGAIN! I'm holding out until I close me eyes in death to open them to JESUS! Who TRULY KNOWS MY WHYS AND LOVED ME UNCONDITIONALLY AND IN SPITE OF WHO EVERYONE ELSE FAILS TO SEE TRULY I WAS HERE ON EARTH!

When you have a warrior mentality, an attitude of faith, knowing that you’ve been equipped and empowered, all the forces of darkness cannot stop you.