Sunday, July 18, 2010

OMG! Kidney Stones Can KILL! An update on the lady called SAXXXJUST4U.....

I Almost Died A Few Days Ago, Kidney Stones Can Kill, along with added stressers, but I'm Still Here

5:18AM on July 18, 2010

I just wanted you all to know what has been going on in my world, I want to Thank each and everyone of you for having such great time with me also, and to let you know I'm not gone.

I have had alot of changes happen in my personal life, one major one is the break up of my five long year relationship, two is I moved back to New York where I originally come from, and three dealing with a number of life threating health issue, non of which has to do with an STD and or AIDS Okay! Yeah I know how some think. Im all good in those area.... Lol! Freaking Haters!

Any how! I had not been feeling well from way earlier this year, but you know ladies how we just pushing on! We push on with everything, work, children, boyfreinds bullshit, and all the other shit like family drama! LOL! "OMG! My Niece is a PornStar!" and she didn't say it in a nice accepting way, either! Lol!

Well Im one of those, I try very hard to go the extra mile, for freinds, assocaites, business, Distressed and Really truth be told homeless people I just happen to meet and try to house clothe and feed thru the kindness of my Overly Big Heart.

That's another crazy story I may tell one day! But not now! Anyway, I kinda was so busy I stop eating well, yeah I went to the gym but never drank enough water! Then on top of that drinking that wine, coffee, tea, and other dehydrating beverges and eating not alot but just enough greasing foods, coupled with stress and me getting a little more mature in age, all accumlated into SERVERE KIDNEY STONES! OOOOHHHHCCEEEE!!!!

Ladies if you have ever given birth, try passing a stone, birth is a pleasure party compared to this shit! And I have not one but several in one kidney and a massive one in the other. Need I tell you " I almost died on JULY 9th"! What a way to go....

Well they found that and then they found a cyst on my ovarie, now dam! who's trying to kill me! Who! put the hex out on me, I never did you wrong, LOL! Just kidding, about the hex thing. Any how I don't believe in that, cause my God is stronger.... So I just wanted you all to know a lil of what Im going thru, and yes I am better, and I am still trying to get sexy things in but I think, they will be a little more laid back. IE masturbation, waterplay,sexy pics, clothiing, etc. you know? 

So Friends keep me in your prayers and know that Im crazy about you all and Ill be trying to get back online At and have some sexy fun, at least for the mature audience you do know that stones don't stop a person from being sexy, it just delays the jiggle when you wiggle, lol! Hope to be back online live soon, coming to you from a new location! at my beautiful home in The Big and Beautiful NEW YORK!!! Muaw! I love you all, stay sexy and perverted always Muaw! SaXXX Ur Favorite Gal Pal!

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