Friday, September 10, 2010


This I VERY IMPORTANT FOR YOU to KNOW (MY FAnS) MY New WeBSITE FINAlly!!! From the desk of SaXXX , to my very dedicated Fans...........Let me be the first to apologize to you (fans of mine) that joined an old website that I am NO longer and have not been for about 2 yrs, Affiliated with, Back Shot Productions The site is I terminated my contract with them long ago, but site is still up and has very few clips of me, and nothing more. I went my on way from them about 2yrs ago and have not worked with or for them in about that long also.If You feel Mislead? I placed a big ad on blogs and other sites I'm a part of at the time stating just that. That I had (Terminated my Contract with BSP) in forming all of just that. But it seems You my fans had no Ideal? So you would have to contact BSP. I have no rights as far as that goes. Anything else is being handle by my attorney, THE END!!! of That!!!
  Now let's Have some Fun!  I have  ventured out to find my own and now through hard work and devotion to self,  My self own site, BRAND Spankin New Is Here!!! Finally Damit! God Is GOOD and so is Good Karma and will be up dated weekly with very new video's of me and all my adventure's.  My Blog,  Booking, Touring Schedule, My Live Cam, My weekly Squirt Show, My Sexy SaXXX Gift shop and more.... So Please If you just gotta have more SaXXX! Is Just 4 U!

Follow me on Twitter, you can also pay Tributes to me! and or Call Me Direct for that in person PSE (SaXXX) Feel........ 
My Ride 2 Die Fans, I luv and lust after you, always........  Favorte Your Gal Pal, SaXXX! aka SaXXXJUST4U
Important For My Fans To Know