Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What happen with BSP......

SaXXX aka... SaxTripleX Bka.......... http:www.RUDE.COM/SAXXXJUST4U

World Wide Issued Statement
I am in the process of terminating my contract with BSP and all others, so i will not be working with them , but I will be doing my own amatuer works that you are still welcome too.Yeah, I'm just tired, of the craziness of it all. I want to do my own thing, I'm fine with my amatuer works and I find its fun for me to do my own thing and not have any demands on my time, money, and travel etc.
So that is where I am right now waiting for the back lash of it all, lol !
PS. There was just know way for me to meet all the demands of my contract, with all of the things that have changed in my life, so I had to make changes.
Thanks to the the craziness of it all I'm spent with the way a few people handle things, with such insensativeties. I find working for myself does for me all I need and my fans are down with that.