Sunday, October 17, 2010

I just had to Blog this (Sometimes I have to Let it Out!) Sexy Pix Though? LOL!

Good Peps: oh hey hi again its me, how you been

Good Peps:
OMG that last shoot was insane  lol

saxtriplex: Im good

saxtriplex: Thanks

Good Peps: oh yeah your welcome  dammm booo could you walk after that shoot

saxtriplex: LOl Barely lol

saxtriplex: Naw it stretches the key to keeping it tight is only use when needed, lol

saxtriplex: I'm not doing it all the time and I do kegals in between, this was for the Fan's

wow  yeah it still rocked   you did a great job

Good Peps: was that rock that you worked with

no I have a lot of fans that want to pay me and be in a video with me, I work with non, pros

Good Peps: oh wow i thought he was a pro
saxtriplex: nope people just love me like that, I got a lot more, it's just me finding the time and I had to refine my environment, and find the good people to do my shoots, but I can do shoots out the ass with the people that want me , so hey

saxtriplex: But thanks

you know, it's hard if your a lady and all most of the black guys in the biz out here kinda try to take advantage, if you don't know certain things, hey but I've learned and let all go so now I can do my on, and plus Im not crazy about an entarouge, to many people envolve with what you do can keep u fucked up. That's why I now stay to myself

saxtriplex: I don't need the madness of it all, No More pain, No more Drama in my life I don't ever want to hurt again, Lol at least not about people being shady with me and about my shit, nope I can go it without them, I've hid there secrets, taken the blame for there shit, never telling,  taking there insults, and all..... Well  Guess what I don't need it anymore, I have at times Lowered my self, well babies (sucking on my titties) no more, it's time you learn to EAT MEAT! I Do! Get Doggies and Bitches! All I want is to be Real, flaws and all, but truly loved. even if I have to Stand alone in what it is that "I" want. Yes Sir!

Good Peps: oh yeah i know you did just fall off the turnup truck  yeah it got to dod what you do   you know you would be in high demand if the black guys had their way 
Good Peps: i mean didnt just fall off

saxtriplex: and there's a lot of sneaky people too out here, snooping to find out shit so now I just keep it open ended, lol, my chats talk and all, cause you never know, Black people we are so fucking trifling, it's a dam SHAME, We Do Each other in. Not Proud of that shit at all

saxtriplex: Fuck it, I gave my nigs a chance my kids, grand , rent

saxtriplex: , lights , don't want to hear that shit, I gotta get paid not just fucked, and that's all I have found with sorry to say Blks, women and men, they prey on each other, and a kind heart like me they can't understand why I'm so nice, so they slip thinking I'm dumb, and then they do there dam selves in, cause I was true to them while they where fronting, and when it's all said and done, they know they can't stand in my space anymore, by there own action towards me. and I never have to say a word. and, neither do I stand back and laugh at there calamities, I prey for them and keep my grind focused, and careful not to let my heart trust them again

It's funny in the last month how many people that I have worked with and so on, like I made sure they had a roof over there heads when they couldn't do, my pussy paid for that, when they was so throwed and could find a ride home, I went the distance for them, Money , for them when they done got themselves in a jam some where, just so they can make it home. When someone needed a star for the websites and shit not asking for pay, but do i ever hear back from them just to say good looking out, do they call me and say here is the money I agreed on if you did this for me I'd give you, Not a thanks for doing that shoot for me, my site is hot now and people are calling and asking for more of you, so let me hit you up with some funds SaXXX, I know you got kids and Grands you love, and you held shit down for me. Even when i was drinking hard cause i was going through a lot last year, me myself and yet I got the dam job done! SaXXX Did, ((you know white people cover for there many Lohans, Spears, and so On we Blk, and READ YOUR ASS Right Then and There Gloves off, I'm a lady, Yes but I'm a STRONG BLACK WOMEN and You nor anyone is going
to walk all over me. That Time in My life is Over! Check Mate!

saxtriplex: shit, none of these fuckers came to me with something real, food, funds, realness, don't nobody that is really going through something need yaw niggers preaching on how to get it together, when u going through things u need a friend. Not these MF that just call around and talk about you and use u then all the while laughing right in your face. But because your hurting, you accepted it, Did they really think me a 42 old soon to be 43 that dam stupid

saxtriplex: I just let it ride, as I took notes, and Now...... Karma is a spiritual thing and what you put out there even if no one knows, good or bad it will come back to you. That is why I always be careful to do good to people no matter what and if I offend some one I try my best to apologizes and move on. But don't even slip and feel Ill go for your shit again, Foolish Children, AAWW Ha ha ha...

saxtriplex: Okay I went off again, now time to blog this, see some times my mind write faster then and all of a sudden good shit come out of it lol

saxtriplex: No offence GP, okay lol

saxtriplex: Just caught the wind

saxtriplex: lol

Good Peps: yeah that ok  yeah  wow  you i hear you  you so awesome i just want you to know that  that so wrong when peeps treat you like that   i think a lot of peeps jealous of you too

saxtriplex: well they shouldn't be my old ass

saxtriplex: they just need to get self esteem and work what they got

Good Peps: shit when they look at your fine ass their self esteem probly goes out the window fast

Good Peps: i still think you need to do ashoot with a vannoal boy from cali
Last message received on 10/17 at 12:15 PM

saxtriplex: and it's not just females I'm talking about, it's some of these grown ass men too out here, all I can say is don't call me when calamity befalls you! Why call the people u fuck over, U know that just make me even more resolved, but I do feel bad for you cause if that is the way you think I am, (a Dam Fool) well you just don't know you fucked yourself out of a true trooper type friend for life type bitch, in me. and I put you on my either don't fuck with ever again, or Delete you. I don't do Phoney bitch very well so don't even approach me at an events lolly gagging and shit, stay your distance like you did when you kept my footage, or didn't pay me back, or call yourself distancing yourself from a drunk, (shit) maybe I caused your ass out for a dam good reason) ever felt that, I have never just went off on some one cause im drunk, No you said or did something to me and I reacted That's natural that's a bitch protecting herself, but you still got what you wanted to use me for right?  Ladies and Gent I confess Im one that will give you my ends cause that's just my way , my heart, that's how I've stay so blessed to look this way and to still be in the world, My heart is good and you and your evils can't and won't stop me cause you choose to be DEMONS. Cause you may  have never known that could have been my ends, but I looked out for a brother and sis Young and Old ones too. So Don't even play with me, I'm Legend, and your NOT! I'm a LEGEND Because I AM LOVE!
Not because I open my legs or have a sexy look, it's because i have a heart and Care about who and and what I say do to others and myself. And when I fuck up I confess it and Do Better. I refuse to stay the same if it means Ill improve on self and give others reason to do the same. So What Imma Hoe, Im also a Mother Grand mother Daughter Sister , once sang in church, always have been saved, and that's how I know what God Does Nothing I can do will Take me from His Love and or Saving Graces, so even when you so called Godly people come at me I just show you my rent, lights and bills, if you not here to share as HE did, then step, I've read the whole book a many times, and its, not your works n favours, it's by HIS GRACE NOT YOURS! Step if your not my brothers keeper....... People Blk peps if we are not going to care for each other no matter what it is that we are doing to support what we can, Then Why are you here? Why did we of all peoples ( Race ) get this great opportunity? Stop being what we where never meant to be, and stop blaming past hurts, or up bringing for being a trifling being, straighten your shit up, i KNOW WE ARE ALL BETTER THEN WE THINK WE ARE, He SAID SO, Now Brothers and Sister Star believing it so we all can get paid and receive what we are all out here fighting for. Stop fighting each other, fight the earges to be so fucking EVil! Thats the Devils job, Our Jobs Where to Be Kings, and Queens. and we haven't been doing a very good JOB, so Why should we be BLESSED if we only going to fuck it and our on selves up. Dam Ya'll I had to Go there. It's just Crazy....... Sad! i still will love ya , because you can't even love yourself so I'll do it for you, But I will not lose my way because you have or you think I should.

Then that is said, Cause im not all that I just project that, cause that's what this job calls for, and because Ive lived, and if I don't love myself with flaws and all then who the hell will

saxtriplex: Love yourselves people

maybe then you would go around using and hurting others with you dirty works, deceptions, evil ways, shame on us( even in this Biz) blk men and women, after all we been through. And I say even though it's the adult biz! Your works are Your works, it will all count.

Fucking over people is not what we should be about, Good Quality biz, and human behavour is what it should be. People the all mighty dollar is good for paying rent, but when you ass is sick and need help, when there if no family, then what you gonna do, your name and how you conducted yourself and biz will tell all of us what you are about and then that's when you'll fine, you just FUCKED YOURSELF! The End...............
  I Had to get it out. Meant as a general statement to all who are falling short of what you know you should be. Said from SaXXX From Luv always.  LOL! HE HE he!!!! like the Nixta!