Friday, February 22, 2013

More Unseen EXCLUSIVE Vegas Footage with SaXXX

As I stayed over in my own suite at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada in which I had gotten for FREE! Thanks To WWW.HOTELS.COM and to My Sponsor's Mr.R and to all my VIP's!After going downstairs for some of my favorite coffee at Star Bucks then back up to my room.  I sat chilling and looking out of room in the distance at the beautiful view in my suite and I got this call, guess who it was? Well it was one of my good friend and home boy from Brooklyn, NY "Moe The Monster" and This is How It went down.............                                                                                                                              
                                                                                                                I'm sharing this here just so All My Fans Know I am Always On the Move and Doing Something New and Most of All Entertaining Just For You My True Fans and VIP's. As I said In My last Post No I'm Not a Porn Star, I'm Just Sexy Ass SaXXX and No I Don't Date For Love, I Entertain For a LIVING. Unlike so many other ladies I learned I am worth more then laying up with someone and not even having 99cents to get a douche with the next day! Fuck that, I Get Paid To Date Just Like The White Chicks do and I am Not Ashamed! Of Taking Care of Myself and Mine.

So To That end you can see the rest of this flick at my , I felt like giving my VIP's and those that help me in my quest, something that is special for them. Cause I appreciate them all for hanging in there with a Crazy but SeXy Down To Earth MILF Like Me! 
Kisses and Lick with Much Lust, ur Gal Pal SaXXX! aka SaXXXJUST4U Always!