Friday, November 28, 2014

#SASJ4U Aka SaXXX About My Facebook Profile, People!

I want to Remind and Let Those New To Me Trying To Become A part Of my Escort Profile! I love and Adore That You Love and Adore Me ( SaXXX ) and Want To Be Connected With All Of You, But Because Of People Fucking Up my Fan Profile I Made A Decision To Not Allow Just Anyone Onto This Profile! (Sorry) This Profile Is For My VIP's People I Really Do Have A Connection With! I'm Not A Chatter, Nor Do I sit around and BS all Day On ‪#‎FB‬, My Profile Here Is For Connect and Staying In touch With Those That Truly Do Support Me People, No Offence To Any Of My Fans! But Im Sure Most Of You Do Not Want To Be Seen On An ESCORTS Profile Do You! And I don't Need the Hassle Of Your Girlfriends, Wives, Gal Pal Or Other Escort, Becoming Jealous, Mad, or otherwise and Fucking up My Profile Just Because! ( Because I have Had That Happen Already Before) SMDH! Dumb Asses! I say That Because Some Men Are Going To Do What They Want REGARDLESS Of YOU and Or A VOW! That's Just How They Are ( Some of Them) Not All! Anyways, So Thanks For Wanting to be a Part Of My Profile But If Your Not In The Biz For An Escort, Then This Profile Is Not For You!!! But Hey You Can Join My Instagram At SJ4U2011 Okay?  See You There! Muaw! Thanks and Stay Blessed! Understand Im Just Trying To Keep My Profile From Haters and Being Deleted! Thank You Very Much! Peace!

I am cleaning my PRIVATE PROFILE for the next few weeks. WHY Cause if I can see when you post that others are posting and replying to what I and you post then that means You did not understand my Profile in the First Place and or just don't give a Fuck about what I'm about, and think what I say is a Joke and just want to be able to talk shit , dirt and or cause problems for me and yourself that is so not needed, in my world right now. I am very Thankful to those of you who just want to be my fan , but right now I am about my adult biz, and as I have already shown I have already begun shutting certain area's of my biz and life down and don't mind doing the same here. I am very tired of the BS from immature individuals that just want to be on peps profile for the hell of it, not having anything in common with what is going on and or the person they ask to befriend in the first place. So as to not cause drama, either I will be Cleaning, un friending and or banding those that I have seen are in my best interested. Hey sorry it is what it is, if your here for pictures, and a laugh, then your on the wrong profile! This once again is a MODEL ESCORT PROFILE! Not for your wives, lil girlfriends, and or Family members........ this is for VIP's
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  • Sj Foru I really do Love All My Fans , But You Guys Know That There Are Some Out Here That Are Just Out Here Trying To Destroy and Tear Down Others No Matter What! And Im Just Trying To Keep Clear Of Those Type People From Now On. Having My Profile As It Is Has Been Less Stressful, I have Not Been Annoyed By Foolishness In My Inbox and or in My Comments! This Page Has Been Drama Free and Im Better Enjoying My Few Very Close Friends and #SASJ4U VIP$. But Hey I'm Told That People Can Still Follow.... See some things I say and do are not for every one's eyes! But For My #SASJ4U VIP$ Only! and They are truly who matter the most to me, Cause they Truly Help make my Life Better In So Many Ways.......
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