Friday, December 10, 2010

Why Get Mad At The Other Person, It's Your Man/Woman Doing You Wrong!

People! If you catch your partner Venturing? ok (CHEATING) ask yourself why? then talk with your Partner about it! Don't get mad at the person there cheating on you with, it's your partners responsiblility to be Honest and Responsible for the lye there telling you! U think? It's you partner that did you wrong, not the other person. Maybe that other person don't know or has been told something different. Or maybe the other person feels as I do, It's not my business, but what ever your partner is for? he or her had to be a willing participate in this, or these actions. The other person just didn'tfind you partner name and number and make your partner meet up with them for what ever reason. He or she did that all by themselves, and Now your feeling hurt and your trying to make sense out of it by going through your partners phone, pocket's emails, etc. To find the other person number or what ever. To call them to say WHAT? LOL! Believe me a understand the hurt, but calling the  person your guy/gal is doing these things with that meant you no harm, (really did'nt even know you exisited will not ease nor solve your problem. It's time for you to have a sit down with your partner and discuss what's been going on and seeing if it can be worked out. But people let me be the first to say it since this is my blog and your here reading it. You know it's more likely that they will not stop! I had the same thing happen to me, I spent 7 years in the dark, I even had warning signs all over the place. But it took me comforting him and then him telling me he did it cause I made him!And with that said I packed my shit and not knowing where I was going to live or how I would survive, I left. And let's not start with me on the moral bull, Im surviving and yes I choose this, I get comfort and compensated, without the broken heart or having to waite every two weeks! until I otherwise decide, it's my life do what you want with yours. So Ladies and Gent here it is! Do yourself a favour and if this is what you are going through then make up your mind to deal with it or leave them. Because calling the other person won't solve shit cause if it's not them anymore it will be another and then after you have gone through cursing that person out for something you should have cursed your partner out about, what you gonna keep searching his or her pockets to catch them again. What you think your partner will stop because you call that other person and gave him/her a fussin? All you did was cause that person to have do what you should have done in the first place and put your partner on notice and or let his or her ass go. But that's not so easly done if your getting something for your time. So Ladies and Gents this is the deal Now it's up to you?
PS. I don't fall for anyone, and I don't want anyones man. So get over it, yourselves and face the truth. Your Partner is a CHEAT!( and or unhappy! and what you have maybe good? (relationship, home life and all but for some reason, he or she want other people stuff from time to time I'm guessing? I don't know, But Don't Get mad at me, I didn't know either and I feel for ya,.................oops I mean the other person. But I didn't put the gun to his nor her head! Sorry!

My Apologies in Advances:

Guys Im sorry for this blog but I had to, Be Smart about your shit! Because I Don't need your the problems! I'm not the one doing anyone wrong! You deal with him or her . I have been as nice and discret as anyone can. ((WARNING))Also Lock Your Shit up if you gonna be doing people dirty. or just don't do it! You might be saving the one you love feelings!Cause I don't think it's right to cheat either, but we do it anyway right someof you? Sinlge guys! I luv ya!
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