Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Looking for Companionship? How To Book

Booking someone like me? ....I provide companionship to gentlemen who seek an exotic blend of elegance, class, and very good sense of humor, I love to laugh.

 I consider the time we spend together precious, something that should be savored and not be rushed. My exotic beauty arises from a mixed heritage combined with a series of other delectable, cultural concoctions. I have a deep appreciation  for the Adult Entertainment Im into it for Life, Laughs, and Fun.

Hi My Name is SaXXX I am always about 2blks from any city I visit metro stop!
*(The Ultimate PSE FS) -300 hour and (Lunch Break)-175
plz ask about Other Rate!
But Please No HAGGLING it's so Tacky!

also PLEASE call if your going to be late! It's just POLITE...

*PLEASE DO NOT TEXT* Dont you feel when your first meeting or getting to know someone that you should FIRST Call and speak with them? I mean how do you get a feel of the person to whom you are trying to set up a date with? and  ok it's also safer for you and Me. Besides I prefer hearing your SEXY voice anyway....


PS. I love Playing SAFE and Keeping You my fans SAFE as well, so always  Be a Perfect Gentlemen and Protect yourself it's not just your life your taking chances with...........

If you don't mind please read the following, It will help assist in you booking.......
Hey Guys, to help you understand how to book dates with providers without getting:
• Hung up on ?
• Stood up ?
• Canceled on ?
• or just plain turned down?

Why this may Happen to YOU!

While it may seem odd that you read their ad, called their number and had a conversation with them, yet they flat out denied you service, sent you to voice-mail or stood you up. It could all be, because of what you said on the phone. You have to remember that providers must protect themselves from all kinds of people. Some good, some bad & some ugly. So with that said, here are some basic rules that you should follow to book your successful dates with the providers of your choice:
Rule #1:
When you call a provider, you should be calm and calling from an unblocked number. NO Private NUMBER will be answered! Nothing makes a provider more nervous, than a nervous client and a blocked number. Don't hang up the phone when she picks up because you are scared, and then call back 2 minutes later because you finally mustered up the guts to talk. It looks suspicious when you call & hang up which is the last thing the provider needs to feel about you. Remember providers are busy people.
Introduce yourself. Give them your real name, as most providers have caller ID and if your name and number do not match, that tends to send the provider a red flag and may result in them not dealing with you. Do let the provider know that you are interested in “Spending some time with them.” Feel free to ask about the rates but DO NOT try to haggle. If you can’t afford their service, move on to someone else within your budget range. (You wouldn’t go into Ruth’s Chris and ask for McDonalds rates would you??) Feel free to ask about the area that they are in, or if they are expected to come to you, have your actual street address ready to give them. Here is where 90% of callers who are rejected by providers fail. DO NOT ASK FOR SPECIFIC ACTS OVER THE PHONE! This area is tricky so I'll spend some time on it. If you ask if the escort provides GFE service that is fine, but DO NOT ask if all of the acronyms of GFE are available or imply anything sexual over the phone or in person. This is a no no and if you start asking questions like that, you will probably make the provider think you are affiliated with a law enforcement agency, who tend to mistake escorting for prostitution and you will likely end up on the provider’s blacklist. Think fellas!
You have successfully booked your call by not saying anything graphic, or offensive on the phone. You gave your real name, or nic name and your number appeared on their caller ID. GOOD JOB! Now you are on the way to see your provider or they are on the way to see you. You should be as fresh as you would like them to be when you meet, so a shower before your date should be a no brainer. If that is not possible, try to be as clean as possible, as your efforts to please them may be greatly rewarded!
When you arrive, have the donation ready. Exact change. Do not expect the provider to be willing or able to break large bills. This is another really important rule. You want to place the donation in envlope plain view without the provider having to ask you for it. This will make your experience that much better as the provider will feel much more at ease that you are a serious guy and know what you are doing. Once the donation is in plain view, it should not be discussed any further. You both have better things to think about at this point! ;o)
Respect the boundaries and rules of your provider. If you were on a date and forced your will upon the person you were with, how do you think that would turn out? If your provider gives you some rules, respect them and your time will be well rewarded!
Be discreet. Do not linger in front of the provider’s residence before or after your appointment. This means if you are coming, go directly to the apartment or house indicated and go in. If you are leaving, please leave the area as you came. Do not linger on your cell phone, smoke a cigarette or give the neighbors or even worse law enforcement, a reason to notice you or your provider’s location. You should feel free to let your provider know the same about your residence.