Sunday, January 30, 2011

People That Talk About Other People Sex Life In The Adult Entertainment and Outside of It!

Let's all try something new, We all are doing the nasty right? So why talk about what some one else is doing is wrong? We're all doing Nasty Shit From bg, bb, gg, bbg, ggb, Bi, straight, gay and or lesdian, milf, gilf, orgies 2 Swingers
and Mandingos

Anal vaginal 2 oral ass 2 mouth Blacks on blacks, whites, all other Races 2 interracial, it's all the fucking same, So how are some 2 judge? Clean ur on house if thats what u want, but do the world of adult entertainment a favor, STOP JUDGING & TALKING ABOUT OTHERS if your a nasty ass too! You can't say "Oh well I don't do that, That's just nasty" when you yourself is fucking everything that moves, from big one little one's to married one's. What makes any of us better then the next? Sex Is SEX! You enjoying what ur doing, Paid or unpaid! So to those that talk so much about others, Stop trying the to Ride on the High horse Bitch Your Shit Smells Fowl like the rest of use! I'm getting sick of people and there judging of others And They'e doing the same dam things, they just to scared to be real and say it out loud! Hiding behind a good girl/guy personna! Fuck peopel like that! Live Your life anyway you wanna, with that said here's a wild but very real stuff that some of use are into. Black guys and white Guys some of you try to hide, but we know you like this shit and more! Im just not scared to show it to you: PS: I work with anyone that wants to work with me and IIII! Do As I DAM WeLL PLEASE!!! Nobody pays my way but me! I have nothing to stop me from working who every calls on me for a shoot and this is just one of the people and person that has, and a many more are to come!
We all have sinned and fall short of His Glory! Go Clean out the skeletons in your Closets! It's 2011 wake the fuck up! If Gays are coming out of the closet, then what the fuck do I have to be ashamed of. I cover up nothing I do, I front about nothing! I live as an open book and if you wanna whisper to others about me then go right ahead.   Cause the same persons you telling your veiw of me to, will be looking at you, like what type of freind are you? and your showing them your type of
FUCKED UP Charactor Traits You Have.

I blogged this for only those that wish to continuelly critizes and bad mouth others in the world of adult entertainment. And not to out anyone, nor tell people that hold certain position in that they must stay anonymous in order to keep what they have. I wrote this for the many that come to me with this type crap, after them there selves are evolve in the very same activities in which I! The Nerve Of them!