Saturday, January 8, 2011

I just want  to introduce you all to my new fun and funny project , my Alter Ego "MaMa MILF"
 Ma Ma MILF was born out of my need to "Tell It Like It Is" and the fact that I'm an old school type chick, who dabbling in and out of the crazy as  adult world  of entertainment. See I have a very funny, awkward, and yes silly side to me. That some may find me well not as cool, and or that I'm not mature and or professional enough, that is for them. So I am trying to Channel what I would call my "Very Multi Talented, Creative, Expressive, (take of your shoes and be who you wanna be side). And Maybe there right, there is a time and place for everything! But Dammit! I like having fun while making money. I know everyone see me as this "Sexy Bitch Ass Diva" and I am that too, not to mention, a mom, grandma,  women of the world with a lot on my plate, but I also have times when I want to let lose and laugh and cut a fart if I wanna, giggling. Some people get off on weed, sex all the time, twitting everything and everyone they do, Talking about other in a mean and nasty way, backstabbing, saying they headed to the lab, Grinding, saying they are a constant professional and yada yada etc. I (SaXXX) get off on Money,Laughter, Love Good Times and PEACE!

So to all, I apologize for whatever it is that you think I'm not doing, or behaving as you would want me to and or think I should. I will try and do better. So in the mean time I created MaMa MILF! this will hopefully help me to have some of that built up silly but wickedly funny side out, so  I can be that "SaXXX the Serous Bitch"! When it's Called for............................
and now with nothing further from me! Hhhheeerrrr iiiisss "Ma Ma MILF"!