Sunday, August 12, 2012

Once Upon a Time SaXXX Was Fat!

A Fat SaXXX?
Oh Yes My Fans and Friends, SaXXX was once 170 pounds, I got the pics to prove it! This was one of the very first times in my entire life that I had ever been this big! Ladies you know for some reason when we get all settled with a man we seem to gain weight like nothing, and that was the case here. I was in love and at home, cooking and doing the house wifey thang! Lol! I hate being this big, I can't stand my stomach when it looks this way. I have to really work out hard now, not young anymore. But this picture is at least 5 years ago and I have since lost the weight, and I am single, so I stay at the gym. But let me let go a week or so and not get my ab work out on and it's back to big and flabby! I know, I know, you guys will look at the picture and say, nay your not fat! I disagree, and let me say this My brother's. when you guys say that that little inner tube around our bellies is nothing! You are setting us up! LoL!You have know ideal that some chicks believe this and what was once a small bit of fat,if left unchecked because the brothers tell us they like a little love handles.Becomes very unsightly bellies that hang everywhere and you then have to lift it up to get to the pussy! EEEWWW! I can't stand that in a man so I know you know what Im saying. Find away to encourage us to work that part out! Cause alot of us Ladies actually fall for that load of crap! Then guys you go cheating looking for the chick with that small waste line, and ladies you stand there saying as if your in shock, "I look the same way I Always Looked" and you can't believe the he would be cheating? Fuck that! I'm always aware and always freakin out when I see that tube coming, I make a bee line to the gym and start cutting back on everything fattening. Oh and nothing agiasnt those those that like this and or have this, But for me it's just not sexy or healty to me.

Only thing now is I'm getting older and it's getting harder! Dammit!I wish I had the money to get lipo, Yep! even now! even though I'm slimmer now I still want to just remove that little bit of fat from my belly left over from my babies being born so many years ago. Don't be fooled ladies, That tube around the waist does not look good! PS. Not to me anyway.... Just look at this picture of me.... back when eeeeewwww come on people really?  
<<But My Ass Still Had it Going On!