Monday, May 12, 2014

Get It While It's Hot! It's SaXXX News.... and You Know That's GOOD NEWS!

Hey There SAXXXNATION and All Those New To Me! How The Heck Are You All? I hope well! Well first of all  just so you know My Nick Name/Professional name Is SaXXX  Bka SaXXXJUST4U and It has been that now for like over 23 years or so. It was Given To me By the Original SaXXX and Exotic Dancer for the Adult Club Called Flash Dancers in Orlando Florida and many moons ago. But That's another story I'll blog on one day soon.

                                          So now that I have told you who I am, let me tell you that I am so happy that you have decided to check out my little blog and things I have going on here. Hey I'm just trying to do my own little thing and have fun will being productive in what it is that I do. And what is it that I do you say? Well I do Everything Erotic, Exciting, Adult, and Sexy! No Matter What It is If it's Sexy or Erotic Imma try and bring it to you here own my little blog.

So now here I'm trying to dabble, experiment with the news a little, but it's news my way! And so I give to you my fans SaXXX NEWS The First of Many Editions to follow as I learn as I go and I'm hoping that you my fans and friends will follow along in all my fun and sexy endeavours! So I do hope you ENJOY!

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