Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Chat With Another Someone Wanting To " Be My Freind" Should I Believe People When They Say Things Like this...? to me? Tell me what you think? This is not to offend anyone person, it's just me letting people peep into my world and what it's like for me..

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

2254 says >

hi 4:32 PM
you there 4:37 PM
feel like you are busy 4:37 PM
hit me when you can 4:37 PM
bye 4:37 PM

 SaXXX say> hi 4:38 PM
yes 4:38 PM

2254 says >
hey how are you 4:38 PM
do not want to bother you 4:38 PM

 SaXXX says> im good 4:38 PM

2254 Says >

feel bad 4:38 PM

SaXXX says> about what 4:38 PM

2254 says>

awesome 4:38 PM
about anything 4:38 PM
not sure if you need some space 4:38 PM

 SaXXX say's> uuuuhhh, im not sure what you are reffering to 4:39 PM
do we know each other personally 4:39 PM

2254 Says>
i know just got back from your trip 4:39 PM
no we do not but i would like too get to know you 4:39 PM
if thats okay with you 4:39 PM

 SaXXX says> Well sweet heart, Im sorry but I am all over the place living my life and I just work alot, So im still not sure what you want from me other than to say hi once in a while? 4:41 PM

2254 says>
would love to meet you 4:41 PM
take you for lunch or drinks or dinner 4:41 PM

 SaXXX Say's > I really have no time in my life for relationships other than the ocassional Hi's I do. I just got out of a 5 yrs relationship and a 5yr one before that and a 6 yr marragiage before that, Iam no longer going to be getting to that point anymore. I like being on my own with no one to answer to now, and well it should have been that way a while back, but you no us girls we always trying to get with someone, to make a family, well I now no longer am looking for relations. So Im not sure but I hope this answer"s the thought's in your head, lol! 4:45 PM

2254 Says>
not looking for a relationship either i am married 4:46 PM
looking for a friend 4:46 PM

SaXXXs Says > well, drinks it is! and will that be trying to get to know each other for benefits? other than a bite to eat and drinks, cause well Im not good at that either, so us being able to say hi online fits us great don't it? 4:49 PM

2254 Says>
drinks and see what happens 4:50 PM
no promises either way 4:50 PM
if benefits great if just drinks cool 4:50 PM
no worries either way 4:50 PM

 SaXXXs Says> I have big issue and problems so I find it easier to stay to myself, I mean im a great person, but i always get used or hurt, so I don"t care for people other than making my money. 4:50 PM

2254 Says>
look not looking to hurt you and have been honest about everything with you 4:51 PM
if do not want to meet its cool 4:51 PM
no pressure 4:51 PM

SaXXXs Says> Thats cool, well I never know when something like that will accure cause I never have time, so in the mean time , online Buds fit this just fine for me, Sorry if that's not what you want to hear but thats my reality. 4:52 PM

2254 Says >
its all goood 4:52 PM
no pressure 4:52 PM
no expectations 4:52 PM
live life and see what happens 4:52 PM
if we meet cool 4:52 PM
if not thats fine too 4:52 PM

SaXXXs Says> That's what I do live life! 4:53 PM

2254 Says> 
same here 4:53 PM
try to live it to its fullest and not be an ass to anyone 4:53 PM
think comminication and honest is importatn 4:54 PM

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 SaXXX Says> okay cool! u and me both, but when u got people coming at you from all types of view point's that's when I got like this! Then u also must reconize not all people treat people like that, and being who I am people seem to want more out of me then what they are intitled too so, I have to shut them down before they go to far, which I have let far to many people get away with anyway. So sorry if im short and sweet with things and people coming at me like this, it's only because a person can get very tired of things. Maybe thats shallow of me, but everyday I get people say they just want to be freinds and really it's all about ass! 4:58 PM

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(4:58 PM)

2254 Says>
look there are plenty of asses out there 4:59 PM
plenty of people who wanted to be friends and need help and i helped just to get burned 5:00 PM
so yes i can skeptical too 5:00 PM
but i still try to get people benefit of the doubt until they burn me 5:00 PM
i know you have that wall around you 5:00 PM
feel it 5:01 PM
and know part of it, is too push people away 5:01 PM
if they are like me, will not leave so easy 5:01 PM
but probably works with most 5:01 PM
willing to take my chance 5:02 PM
but up to you 5:03 PM
easy way to push me away is silence 5:10 PM
i hate it more then anything 5:10 PM
well hope we can talk more and get to know each other 5:12 PM
if not its fine, 0ur lives will contuinue 5:13 PM
talk to you later hopefully 5:13 PM
bye 5:13 PM

SaXXXs Says> Thanks, Im happy you kinda understand, I don't push people away, But I don"t have it in me anymore to just be like oh this cool guy chat's with me online, so Im going to just jump at a chance with making friends anymore I have to gaurd my life, soul, and heart, cause as I said before, to much has been taken away from me, Time, Money, Spirit, Etc. So if your real about it, Im doing what's best for me, cause really I don't really know you and as I said before I'm ever so busy. Making freinds cost, all types of resources, going out for drinks, you don"t always want people paying your bills, especailly being a women. And You don't always want people to know your on a budget either, all Im saying is 5:29 PM

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