Thursday, July 1, 2010

wow Im finally trying this!

Well people I have been trying to do to many things at one time and had to step back for sometime. but Im going to give this an sincere try again. So where do I start what do you wanna know.

Well first let me say this to all who may or may not like me.....

Okay! it's time to put away all GRUDGES! you think im this, and that, That's okay! But what I truly am is a Beautiful women of three beautiful daughters and 2 beautiful grandbabies just trying to make good friends and live my life to it's fullness. I, we all have done things that maybe alittle off. But trying to be a bad freind or person to anyone I have not. So much love I want to send out to all, life is just to dam crazy for ill will towards anyone....... MUAW! Luv, SaXXX A True Legend.If u really want to know!

Now that that has been said, it leads me to this! Why is it that people for one reason or another become freinds, only to find something about the other person that they don't like and or think they should change in that person?