Monday, August 9, 2010

Hey All! What The Hell ? Why are we so freakin Nasty To One Another? You Do The Same Shit I Do! I'm just Saying....

I am amazed at the craziness that is running so ramped in the adult industry among there very people that call themselves working together. I got several calls the other day all about how bad shit is, with the word of mouth bullshit and bad attitudes (DRAMA BITCHES and MALES TOO)! People Stop it! we are all grown and we all including myself need to check all that at the door. Shit is always going to be said about this or that, that is just the way things are, but we should know that what is said will never be the full truth of the matter once it goes through all the he said, she said channels. So once you get the conversation it's all fucked up and the stupid part of it is, we take it as REAL WORDS Said by so and so! LMFAO! I'm just saying................... Come on Grown Ass People..... Who Fuck for a Living, you know better than that, ? or do we?      

  Another thing, why are we so freakin mean to one another? What's up with that? We all have slept together in one way or another. Your people do work with these people who did work with this person, but that person don't like that person , because this person said that about this? !@^$&*%&*?????  WE are all in this together with the ultimate goal of making profits, that hopefully will pay off these dam bills we all have. Right? People Unless a icth out here spreading (HIV, STD's) To one of us, God Forbid!
YOU DO THE SAME SHIT I DO.................................... I'm Just Saying, One Luv, Ur Gal Pal SaXXX

PS. Who am I to say anything? I'm just the Chick that gets the calls, and thought it good to let all I love Know and that's all of you even those I don't know, hear (read about) how crazy things can be. I just been around for a long time and have a many good friends and followers that Like what I say, Dam! I'm over the hill and still humping LOL!

Said with luv and not to offend anyone in particular, so just stop thinking that way baby! you all are good in my book, Muaw!!!