Thursday, August 19, 2010

If you didn't know? Then here's a little bit more to like about SaXXX

Just Me Hanging Out at the Adult Video Awards, Co Worker and Partner In the Adult Biz at our Both Booth at 2010 in Vegas. Along with My Good Friends and also Party Crew, Cause we all Have so much Dam Fun Doing what we do, Ya Know! I'm Just Say Be Real, and Positive Vibes will always Flow. I do This with Much love for the following: First and most of all my Good Friend Danny Blaq of Thanks for the Love you showed me way back when and now, Your REAL In my books for ever, I guess it's true what has been said " The Darker The Berrie, or in his case cause he got two, BERRIES, LOL! The Sweeter The Juice" LOL!

 Stupid love and shouts out to We all know there the hottest Team Out there! I say there are Cause They are doing the DAM Thing they way it should be done< with UNITY! Full Force with The love for each other and just doing Dam Good Works! To My Lady Friends The One and Very Only Lisa Rivera, Ivory Bell, Kate Facet, and Can we all just say it Sasha GREY! This young Lady is now starring in  Main Stream Televsion in the hit show "Entourage" I love this show!

Let me not forget Don this guy is Cool as hell, and Richard Man, the 13inch he carries around, ladies he aint no joke! I believe he just won an award also, you can check out what Im talking about here at He'll make you Scream.... LOL!

I just wanted to say Thanks to all of them and to show Love as I do to all. I hope you all enjoy..... Ur Gal Pal SAXXXJUST4U