Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Im Okay with being a solitude person, I have had 2 marraiges, countless courtships and lots of freinds and now all I want is to Work and Chill, without MIND/Heart GAMES! People try to UNDERSTAND, Step Into My 43 year old shoes. Im Just Saying, Not Complaing, Im Just Trying Explaining to all who come at me like.....

01 says: good evening how are you?

saxtriplex: im good

saxtriplex: my back hurts a lol

01Says: r u still in the nyc and i luv your new yahoo IM pic

saxtriplex: thanks, and yes I am

01Says: awwww if i was there i would massage it for u...u should go get a heat pac

saxtriplex: yeah right

 01Says: lol u dont think i would...im a kind hearted guy...i just have afrekyside lol my word is good

saxtriplex: no i was talking about the heat pack

saxtriplex: there great for back pain

 01Says: oh ok yes they are...and some ibuprofen would probably help to

01: so how long u in nyc

saxtriplex: I live in NYC

01Says: ok even better...well i will hold out hope that one day u will invite me...your lil ole friend here to visit u and treat u like the queen u r

01: but i also understand u just got out of a relationship and are very busy

01: so u probably think if we got together that i would go coo coo for coco puffs lmao

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saxtriplex: not at all, just not into seeing anyone now, not even just for a talk or bruch, because there is always a motive and Im tired of telling peopple exactly how I am, and then they try them selves anyway, only to become mad at me

 01Says: i respect that...it must be difficult

01: im pretty transparent and let you know exactly what im thinking and my intentions...but at the same time i know u have experienced a lot even just recently

saxtriplex: for being real with them in the first place. i work in the sex feild so I have no need for it, and I just got out of a relationship and I have no need for that either, and freindships? well lol They are just as hard, cause when something doesn't go the other persons way then they get in there feelings, so I stay clear of all the bullshit

01Says: unlike most people on here...im pretty understanding and care about u as a person and your wellbeing

01: thats true and i understand....i know it is difficult because the biz u r in men will have certain ideas and think u should be willing to do this and that with them

01: sometimes u just need your space and when u decide what u want or dont want then that will be that

saxtriplex: not difficult anymore, i been thro it all, and now Im content, being to myself, making my money to feed my kids and loving having stimilating talk with the only one that truly loves me and that's been God all along, so Im good. I just happen to be a sex symbol, and that is all it is. poeple want it to be more but really it's just how I make ends meet, it's not all of me.

01Says: i always see us at the very least friends...i remember when u were going thru a lot of stuff with your ex and how we had conversations about that and other stuff...

01: thats true as well...u only need one and that is Him

01: i know and understand

01: i want u to know that i see u as much more than what u do...what one does does not necessarily define who one is01: i know that u r a loving mother and grandmother who has dealt with too much bs from controlling in some cases abusive men...health issues and personal tragedy and yet through it all you are a fighter...i admire that in you and want to be supportive in what little way i can on here

saxtriplex: yeah so why when I tell men this the very next time we chat or speak it's back to the oooh I sure hope to get with you one day thing? it's just sad to me, I know what I want and men don"t get it, I get this everyday, so Im not impressed anymore, by the great talks and all the bull in the story lines, cause that is what it is, really half got wives, and the other half just want to get laid and all that's fine, PAY ME or go away with the bull.

saxtriplex: thanks

01Says: well i can tell u why...but it isnt going to stop them from doing so

01: some want to get in theindustry because they see all thesek they can get and think it is ideal...some think because of what u do u should be willing to do so with them...a very rare few look at the total package and want to have something with u...but what is most important is what makes u happy and when u r ready for something more then that person will be lucky to have someone like u

saxtriplex: yeah I know, that's why I ignore alot of chat invites, Im showing my ass and so I will get that i understand, so im not in feeling about that, it's just the one that persist that we going to get togther bull, lol! No we not! LOL! Im settled and I like my life and solitude. So get over it, Im just a fanasty, cause if you had me in real life you wouldn't want nor like me, cause you don't even care about the one's your with now, so Get doggie GET!!!

01Says: lol

saxtriplex: Really now in my life I REALLY REALLY DON't Want nor Need that person, I have me, I don't care if he has money, looks and smells like ture love, go to church or any of the shit that we as females look for in a man, I DON't WANT To Be in Any type situation with a man Nor women, I just want to live daily and be healty, bills paid and happy! I don't know why people feel you always need someone in your life. I have enough of my own shit to deal with then to bring another into my life and deal with him? or her too. Hell to the NO. Stay your distance and nobody get it! or Get's hurt! LOL!

01Says: i feel u...being independent and drama free is a beautiful thing

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saxtriplex: Really, im being real and realistically it has been done, alot of animals a solitaryand only come together to mate, lol! and thank GOD Im to old and can't product anymore, so that is not a problem for me. LOL! I just like being alone, I tried being around pep and making freinds and all it's not all that. Irather like and even when I was a young girl I was always by myself, so it's all good.

01Says: i respect all of that...u have seen a lot experienced a lot and know what u want and dont want...i just enjoy talking to u there is nothing wrong with being alone

01: but remember there is nothing wrong with having people who care about u genuinely as well as long as they respect what u want and not try to push things on u...u r a grownaz woman...if u want something with somebody u would let him or her know

saxtriplex: lol! well at least you sound as though you get it, lol! Until next chat, LOL! hhhuuummm , Ill see, thanks it's time for me to go nite nite, MUaw!

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01: nite shawty lol dont be a stranger sweet dreams